Search Engine Optimisation

Any online business owner understands the importance of SEO. At RW Media we are experts in SEO and work with all programming languages. We’ll help you understand the positive impact SEO could have on your business enabling you to make informed decisions.

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is the art of increasing your rankings in online search engines. This delivers more viewers to your website and, in turn, enables you to drive revenue. Whether you have a retail or publishing website, more traffic will help you shift stock and drive online advertising sales.

SEO for WordPress

We live and breath WordPress! For SEO for WordPress sites we utilise the Yoast SEO plugin. Our Yoast Certified experts handle implementation into your website and ensure everything is setup correctly. We’ll configure your webmaster tools, update your business listings on Google and Bing search engines and ensure all your basics are in place. Our team have spent time learning Yoast SEO for WordPress inside out so you don’t have to. Once everything is set up we can leave you be or work with you on a n ongoing basis for seo updates and maintenance.

SEO content strategy and Social

Online has evolved and SEO has become just one cog in the machine for success. Pulling together a quality content strategy is equally important. This should also be supported by a social media / paid advertising plan to get the best results. RW Media can make this happen for your business.

Our experienced team fully understand the benefit this brings for online publishers. For more specialist projects we utilise our network of tried and tested partner companies. Each specialises in their given area helping us drive the best possible results for your business. Managed by our in house team, we give you access the the best industry specialists, with a single point of contact at RW Media.

All our projects are approached from the bottom up. We agreed goals from the outset and success is measured through the use of Google analytics and/or online sales tracking. Best of all, we are straight talking. We will translate online jargon into plain English you can understand.

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Kelvin McManus successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress course!